Because I don`t have an LinkedIn Premium Business, LinkedIn Permanently Restricted my account.

I send them my passport and got this answer back.

Due to continued unusually high traffic volume detected on your account after multiple warnings, this account has been permanently restricted.

Why ?

Part I — Adding my Forbes 30u30 colleagues on LinkedIn

In the beginning of this year, I was selected as Forbes 30 under 30 Europe 2018 in the Law&Policy section.

To connect with all of the other Forbes 30u30 colleagues, I had manually viewed and added 700 LinkedIn profiles, my fellow Forbes 30 under 30 colleagues from all around Europe and US, in the span of some days.

LinkedIn blocked me 7 days for this.

Why I wanted to add all of my colleagues ?

My thinking was : “How I could connect with all of this beautiful people that I was reading on the website, How I can learn more about what projects they are doing.”

And LinkedIn is the perfect place to meet them. I found out that 77% of them have a LinkedIn account. I created a list with all the persons that were selected in 2017,2018 in Europe and in the US in 2018. The process to do this is described in this separate post below.

With the list made, I started manually viewing and adding each of my fellow Forbes 30u30 colleagues. Around 700 of them in the duration of about one week.

For each person I was also sending a personalized message, something around :

Hi George, my name is Florin Badita, I`m a fellow Forbes 30 under 30 Europe 2018 nominee, would love to connect on LinkedIn. Also, I made a list with all of our fellow colleagues so that we can connect to each other much faster

For each person, I was just changing the name of the person, so that it`s personalized.

Part I — Answers.

The answers that I got from my fellow 30u30 colleagues were overwhelming positive

Part II — Euronews nomination for European Personality of the Year

Because I had used the search function in LinkedIn and viewed hundred of profiles, while not having LinkedIn Premium, LinkedIn blocked me again, this time permanently.

One month Later, Euronews nominated me for the “European Personality of the Year”. From 15–31 march there was a 2 week online voting period. To be selected for the next stage, I needed to be between the first 3 persons. One of the other persons in my category was Emma Watson, that have 46 million followers on Facebook alone. If I wanted to have a chance to win, I would need as much help as I can get.

I was the only Romanian selected. I started messaging every journalists or influencers that I had in my network.

Then, using LinkedIn search, I started searching for Journalists, Bloggers, local celebrities, that would empathize with this nomination, that it`s a prize and an recognition for the fight against corruption that Romania is having in the last year and a half.

And I was looking page after page, to identify the relevant persons that I can contact

I scrolled over 50 pages. I did not got any warnings, just that before banning me for the second time from LinkedIn, I was getting each time a reminder to upgrade to LinkedIn Premium.

What LinkedIn is doing in not fair!

Tell me that the limit if you don`t pay, and I don`t have LinkedIn Premium it`s 200 profiles per month, 100 messages per month, 500 likes, etc (Or what is the actual value)

Don`t just BAN my account because I had reached a threshold that I don`t even know, and you, as a Company, don`t inform me about it.

I have this account for over 5 years now, I have a lot of business contacts that I have lost because I cannot extract the messages, the discussions , nothing.

Tedx Speaker, Forbes 30 under 30 Europe, European Personality of the Year 2018. Data geek, activist, social entrepreneur. I think all the time about efficiency.